Came upon a thread in the Sigma SLR Talk Forum over at Dpreview. There was this person (Kevin Blair) who have did a comparison of the 4 DSLRs, namely D60, D100, S2 Pro and the SD9.

There is a total of 9 sets of photos (A, B, C and D) where A, B, C and D can represent any of the above cameras.

Though this test can be said to be bias (as claimed by the poster himself), I hope this will let you guys see the various blow-ups to have a better picture of the cameras output.

For more details, you can refer to his thread and see for yourself.

Note: Somewhere in the middle of the the replies, he has posted the camera type. Look for it.

Also, near the end of the replies, he had done some statistics.

No flaming please.