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    I was wondering whether an unfiled warranty for cameras and lenses means that you have "unlimited" warranty. Or at least until the model is discontinued. I want to buy some 2nd hand stuff but I'm afraid that when I do send in for repair (touch wood), the customer service representative will say that he/she needs the receipt to have a proof/time of purchase.

    Do you need to have the receipt when sending equipment in for repair?

    I'm asking especially for Olympus equipment but do chip in your comments on other equipment for the good of everyone.

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    Default Re: Unfiled warranty

    Taken from the Nikon forum:

    Call up your camera service centre for confirmation.


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    this thread might be useful.. usually a receipt will be required when sending in for repairs unless ur warranty is over.

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    The warranty card is nothing more then a means of collecting marketing information, i.e. who bought the lens and from whom/where.

    Virtually all, and certainly Canon, Nikon, et al will request a receipt, the date of which is the date from which the warranty period is calculated.

    i.e. the warranty card is nothing more then a piece of paper.

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    Thanks. Read both already. But they are mostly for Canon and Nikon. Was wondering about Olympus. Guess I have to call the service center tomorrow to find out.


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