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    I was wondering if anyone knows a software that allows easy stitching of photos. I'm using the Canon PhotoStitch 3.1 but was wondering if there's something better.

    Better means can just drag the photos to the frame and it will stitch for you by detecting the overlaps. It will also compensate on the exposure and allow you to make corrections of the end product after that. All these can be done using the Canon PhotoStitch but it allows only 24mm and above. If I use a wide angle like 18mm or 20mm, then cannot use it to stitch already. Moreover, sometimes the results shows some bad overlaps like double images.

    I also understand that the techniques for taking multiple shots and then stitching is important. Already know those techniques so now just looking for a better software.

    I tried using PhotoShop but its very difficult to do the manual stitch. And using the auto stitch yields lousy results. The Canon PhotoStitch gives you good results.

    Any comments on the above or recommendations of a good software?

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    Previously saw some fellows Cser strongly recommending Panorama Factory but I've not tried it yet and don't know whether it can stitch pictures taken by wide angled lens.

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    Thanks. Will go try it out.

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    U can also use panotools ! Best of all it is free !

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    Thanks. Will try that too.


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