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Thread: Settings for Photoshop and Neat Image

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    Default Settings for Photoshop and Neat Image

    Hi guys, I believe majority uses the above programs. I am wondering wat is the settings u all usually use for color management(eg, sRGB or others) for this 2 prog. Currently im using:

    Photoshop : sRGB
    Neat Image : YCrCb

    Is this the default or so called 'correct' settings to use? cos i dun wana have to much diff in color reproduction for the same picture in different software.

    From wat i observe, a OK picture looked much noiser when open in Neat Image. Dunno wat causes that,

    Perhaps because im using a LCD? if so any specific for LCD users to take note?

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    Default Re: Settings for Photoshop and Neat Image

    you can try getting your camera profile from neat image website if thats the settings you mean.


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