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    Took this few pics at Chinatown yesterday.




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    nice colors depiction. =)

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    Hey...nice pics there. What are those fruits? Pumpkins? Wow...the chinese new year seems so far away from me...No festival moods over here in Cold Cold Austria leh....

    Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xhi Fatt Chay.


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    love #1 & #3
    Lovely festive colours!!

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    Wow,simply have one word for your shots - FANTASTIC
    Just can't help drooling over them, I am such a lover for patterns pic.

    More, more, give me more......I'm a 100% pattern freak

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    yaohui, tltan & furrycake, thanks for all the kind comments. Nice to know that u like the pics.

    Shnappy_Shappy, yes, i think it is pumpkin. Happy New Year to you too, so when r u coming back to S'pore?

    NE_clicks_clicks, thanks for ur kind words, too bad these are the only pattern shots i have. Why not go out and take some pattern shots yourself? U will love the photo more if it is taken by your own camera.

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    Hello tanhb,

    How come chinese new year got use pumpkins one??Is it a new trend ah now in Spore?I also dunno when will be my next trip to Spore.Here ah?? at the moment ís extreme cold chance for me to move around to do the shootings,wish I am in Spore lor..
    Shoot more pics to share..thanks for sharing those nice pics.


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    No lah. Orange is still the leader.


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