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Thread: TFCD Photoshoot: Venue, Lighting, Models provided

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    Cool Re: TFCD Photoshoot: Venue, Lighting, Models provided

    Hmmmm...sounds interesting, what's the time and date?

    Quote Originally Posted by FirstDecember
    Maybe I phrased it badly.
    We probably do not really 'require' anything except well-taken pictures.
    ("Well-taken" does not mean award winning or anything.. just normal nicely taken pictures)

    I will be shooting them as well but I'm quite confident that I'll not do a good job because of my experience. (or lack of it)
    Satisfaction would be wonderful for me
    I'll gain experience, exposure etc...
    but I guess the marketing crew's lives would be at stake
    (In short, the objective of the shoot should overwhelm my enthusiasm and ambitions)

    What AhV said has his points too. So if most of you guys feel that way, I'll take down this request.

    Thanks everyone for volunteering.
    I'll still email you all if you are interested.

    Thanks a lot. =)

    (Thread will close by 3 pm today)

    P.S: Not close it immediately because I sincerely cherish everyone's opinions.
    Don't want to make it seem like I'm stopping people from their views yeah? =)

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    Default Re: TFCD Photoshoot: Venue, Lighting, Models provided

    MMmm... TFCD for gals seems to be rather popular here.. I wonder if choose a time and place and ask all the photographers go down w/o signing up.. I wonder how the response will be like? 10 photographers to 1? or mabbe 50 to 1?? hahahaa

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    Default Re: TFCD Photoshoot: Venue, Lighting, Models provided

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashleyy
    BTW, what time is the shoot? I'm interested but I'm not free from 3.30 to 7pm
    Hi Ashley and anyone else interested,

    Send an email to if you are interested. =)
    It'll probably start about 5pm to 6pm..

    I'm closing this thread now because as pointed out, asking for free photographers might not be apporpriate.

    Thanks all for the help and advices given.

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