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Thread: Any NUS law students here?

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    Default Any NUS law students here?

    are there any NUS law students here? year 1/2/3/4 also can. i'm considering a course switch from NTU communication studies to NUS law. so i was hoping there'd be someone i could talk to.

    i'll treat you to lunch! can meet at clementi. im free on wednesdays and thursdays.


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    Default Re: any nus law students here

    I'll think its best to approach the faculty vice-deans to ask about stuff like this. Law students arent actually the adminstration and at best could give anecdotal examples of who have made the switch.

    My law friend did tell me about somebody from Arts who transferred to Law after the first year. The guy was a Arts Dean's Lister(4.6+ CAP) and didnt exactly excel after the switch.
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    I have a fren doing nus law when previously was bizad. seldom keep contact with him else can intro you two. but yeah I think its best you speak to a professor instead as you are switching schools as well. Good luck! heh lawyers make lotsa money leh


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