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Thread: Local yet foreign

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    I like the first image you have. the other 2 are not bad too. I don't see the problem of not having a subject, 'cos the subject is in the strong lines. The play here is in light & patterns.

    When I look at the first image, my curiousity and imagination starts to run. I start to think of the cityscapes images I've seen of cities like say new york where there are towering skyscapes, narrow streets and of a glassy urban jungle. It's pretty remarkable you've managed to find a piece of that in s'pore.

    Yes the main problem is that these abstract images belong in a series/ an overall theme. Although sometimes I feel there could be an exception whether series should be allowed or not, when i feel it is warrented i just close one eye. In any case, even with the 3 images I feel you are still not able to present your theme of 'not of s'pore'.

    Abstracts are abstracts, we know it when we are not looking at a scene at its entirety. Which causes the problem with your theme. Firstly, you need... what is it they call in photojournalism?... picture(s) that set the scene. Then add in the abstracts. That's what you need to make it whole.

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    thanks for all the critiques, to be honest, these photos are from a walkabout. i didnt plan to do a series on it. but i did try to present the buildings from another POV instead of an overall wide shot of it.

    nonetheless, thanks for the constructive criticism.

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    Great shot, but perhaps you should try something a bit more skewed and angled.

    That helps to lead the eye towards the object of your focus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boddah

    havent been getting much comments/critiques whenever i post photos in this sub.. hope to get more soon.


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