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Thread: Oly's New E-330 - DLSE Camera?

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    Default Re: Oly's New E-330 - DLSE Camera?

    Quote Originally Posted by tao
    Maybe more for studio use? In which the photog can check the exposure, WB, etc on that 'preview function' of the S3?

    But what the hack? I will rather snap a few shots with different exposure compensation to find the optimal exposure before the shoot.
    I've had 2 of the S3 Pro's... excellent camera bodies but - the live preview... i wouldn't know about check the WB on preview cos.... its in black n white :P heehee
    Budget wedding photographer :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ykkok
    Let's re-examine, during those film days, why did people ask for SLR?

    I think it's because compact film cameras' viewfinder is a separate unit, not really thru the lens. So, composition was not that accurate for serious photography.

    If we look at digicam. Mostly has a 100% coverage! Not even your D70, D50, 350D etc can match! So, for composition wise, does it matter, or in fact, digicam is better!

    Another reason for thre the lens optical viewfinder - for easier manual focusing. But wait....current breed of entry level DSLR has dinki viewfinder! Are they really easy to use in manual focusing mode?

    On top of that, all newer DSLR have fast and multi auto focus point. So not many will rely and really need manual focusing especially casual shooters.

    So, it's optical viewfinder really as important as yesteryears? Will an SLR like camera with huge 2.5" high res LCD live preview with interchangeable lens competes well with the current budget DSLRs? These budget DSLRs have small, dark and non-100% coverage viewfinder....hmmm

    good point...

    with EVF u realli get to see what the image looks like. Dun haf to meter n then chimp... u can realli see the EVF get dimmer etc... u can also see that the sky is blown out and compensate etc.... u can have overlayed info like shutter speed/aperture/histogram, dun have to look at the side or bottom.... but current EVF suck at action and detail... with an OVF u can see the DOF, see the lens focus etc...
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    Wait until you see recent breed of digicam, like my sis's Coolpix 5900 - the live preview LCD is surprisingly smooth, even under low light.

    Also, with live preview, the Auto WB can be processed more efficiently in realtime before it captures. Many frames are captured per second (like video) for WB analysis. We can adjust WB even before a frame is captured. So, it's even more "WYSIWYG" than conventional DSLR!

    Such system can also have per group-pixel level of AF points and can be customized/moved around in the frame. I believe it doens't need a separate focusing circuit/module.
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    i think it's a OVF with flipable LCD preview at the back...

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    Default Re: Oly's New E-330 - DLSE Camera?

    I will be disappointed on the 26th. Still no news on the E-3. Perhaps a Panasonic body with AS?

    Thinking aloud......

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