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Thread: Mega pixels Vs print size

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    Default Mega pixels Vs print size

    Does any one know if there is a conversion chart that will tell me the relationship between megapixels and print size.
    If i have a 3 mege pix camera then what is the largest that i can print my photos?

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    3.3MP is about 2048x1536. Depensing on your desired print resolution the sizes yelded will be different. @ 300 dpi is just enough for a 5x7 or 6x4. 200 dpi will give you a 9x6 or 10x8. If you really dont mind 150 dpi you can get a semi decent 12x8 print. Most labs would reccomen a 300 dpi for the ebst quality though. I recently had one 3.3mp printed to A3 size with extrapolation and it turned out pretty ok after i did some USM.
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    The absolute largest that you can possible try is A4. Even then there's no guarantee... really depends on what kind of quality you want.

    But as a rough guide, forget anything larger than A4.


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