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finding your flaming and sarcastic remarks at your opposition lacking in wit and punch?
hire me!
amateur part-time flamer.
why waste your time writing insults when you can be contributing to the community?
hire ME to write your insults for you!

you know what they say... if its jus one voice its a personal opinion. if there's a seconder, its a GROUP opinion.
burn your opposition to crispy bacon bits!

I jus got a new mouse and would like to be a amatuer part time thread uppez.
fees are cheap. just upz my own WTS WTB threads at an interest rate of 50% when I need them
hahahah!!! this is really a good one!

may i add..

random passer-by service provider (to add fuel and stir up fire in your already flaming threads)

apparently 'random' and 'casual' passer-by to threads where there's already a flame war going on, to add comments like "yada yada...been there done that...this is not the first thread on this issue..." or pretend to have no grasp whatsoever on the flame going on and just pick on the last post to flame on.

as this service is potentially reputation damaging ..fees won't be cheap