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    Hi, I got another question for you all. It may sounds noob but I really know nuts about studio lights. Hope can get help here...

    Today, I got the chance to fool around with my friend's strobe (Jinbei 180W/s). As I don't have an IR trigger, and because my camera (300D) can't be connected with a sync cord, I have to use my Sigma Flash (set to slave mode) to trigger the strobe.

    In my room, the strobe was pointing down at a soft toy from a 4 o'clock position. I was at 6 o'clock position shooting. Strobe was triggered successfully but image turns out very underexposed. My guess was that my Sigma flash has disrupted the strobe hence the underexposed image.

    I think the problem will be eliminated by using a IR trigger? Thank you...

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    You can set your hotshoe flash to manual mode with minium power, the key is to disable pre-flash function, modern hotshoe flash fires a pre-flash to determine the correct ttl flash exposure, hence it triggers the studio lights before the shutter open.

    Yes, you also can use a radio or IR trigger.

    Hope this help.

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    Oh yah..... I actually forgotten about that!! Haha... Wah lau... Sibeh jialat man. Thanks Thanks...


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