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    hi all,

    i've just gotten my 16Base negative scans from a minilab recently and the scans did not turn out as i would've wanted them to be.

    they seem extremely noisy. i'm not too sure if the problem lies with the fujifilm sp-2000 scanner, a fuji frontier 350, or its with my cheap consumer grade film, Fuji Superia X-tra 400.

    below is a 100% crop of the 16Base scan with no post processing whatsoever done on my side.

    i highly suspect the noise came from the scanner as i do not think that a film would be that noisy right? it should only be grainy?

    please enlighten!

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    Lab scanners are noramlly only good for up to 8R prints. The optics problably have some trouble handling the film as such a high res. You need to go to a lab that uses a drum scanner to get the most out of film
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    I really don't know what they do, but they can definitely get better quality. They usually have JPEG sharpening turned up quite high. I've never been happy with lab scans, so I used to get low res for web use only.

    Superia 400 is quite a good film with fine grain. I've used it quite a lot and it scans much better than this.

    When I used to do my own scans with a (cheap) minolta scan dual-2, they were much cleaner than this. NPH was almost grain free.

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    Default Re: noisy negative scans

    which labs use a drum scanner then?

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    thanks for the reply.

    will try sending my negs to kex for scanning again with his imacon scanner. thanks!


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