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Thread: Hanoi vietnam

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    ty ty, i did not took those pix ^^, my bro took it :P but ty anyway
    i just started to play camera since i came to Singapore, few months ^_^

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    Now in Hanoi is cold, next week East-south wind wiill come to Hanoi, very cold ^^
    now in Sapa is -1 C degree.( vietnam new ) But sapa look nicer with foggy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxxy
    Hi again, i forgot one thing to tell ya, this season ( CNY) strongly recomend you dun go to Halong Bay, it is very foggy there, u canot take any pix
    and if u go Sapa, it nice there, but the weather there about 0 to -3 C degree , it's cold ^^
    Are you in Sapa now or in Halong Bay?
    San Francisco Bay Area California Wedding Photographer

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