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Thread: How slow can u go on a Monopod?

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    I remember seeing this before but forgot. So here goes the stupid question. How slow can I go on a Monopod? i.e. a 28-70 f2.8 Lens? Assming I am in doors on a iso 100 / 200 film? What the possible min speed I can shoot a decent picture?

    Any experience or advice?


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    The safe handheld speed for me is 28mm at 1/30s, 50mm at 1/60s and 70mm at 1/90s.

    A monopod, if used carefully, should help you gain two stops of speed from your handheld speed.

    Which means that the image should be as sharp as handheld for 28mm at 1/8s, 50mm at 1/15s and 70 at 1/20s.

    The monopod with ISO 400 film combination should allow you to go down to EV 4 with lens set to 28mm at f/2.8.

    #Note: Suntec city interior lighting is between EV 8 to EV 6, Concert lighting is usually EV 9 to EV 8. EV7 to EV5 is for bright city Streets. EV4 for average street lightings.
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