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Thread: How do you name your site folders/files?

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    Default How do you name your site folders/files?

    Just for curiosity's sake..

    How do you all name your site folders and files.. or even your own folders in your harddisk?
    According to date? Event?

    And if you have a website.. its worse... files.. are all over.. links here and there..
    Tag to date... can't remember event. Tag to event.. messy.

    Until it becomes one big mess.. then u just want to hit the "DELETE ALL" button and start organizing all over again

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    Default Re: How do you name your site folders/files?

    I name the folders in HD by type of jobs, commercial 2005, commercial 2006, protraits 2006, wedding 2006 etc, sub-folder by company name/what event/date or couple name and date.

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    Default Re: How do you name your site folders/files?

    I just name the folders according to the place it was shot or the event followed by the year.
    eg: China 2005 Dec.
    Than the subfolders will contain the province/city name followed by the date like:
    Shanghai 20051201
    Beijing 20051202 etc
    Than when my HD overflows, i just burn them onto a CD in chronological order.

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    Default Re: How do you name your site folders/files?

    There are cataloguing softwares about to help you organise such photos if you take the time to properly use the function.

    I'm using a simple folder format of YYMMDD_Event_Location. I was considering adding genere to it, but it gets too complicated. Most probably will use some simple software to futher tag more details. Another option is to rename the files, but it's not my first choice as I might accidently create duplicate filenames.


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