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    D70/Ap Priority-3.5

    Thanks for comments in advance! and how could i improve on the shot?

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    you focus on the 2nd bike, but other than it being in focus,

    1) it does not stand out from the rest, since it is not of unique color (same as 1st bike)
    2) green and blue color kind of blend together, maybe if its red and the rest is green helps?
    3) the mountain bike design is the same as the rest of the bike, maybe if its the only racer bike helps?

    than again, dont think they allow you to start changing the display arrangement right?

    i surprise the shop agree to let you take this shot, i remember those selling at chinatown have a sign stating "no taking of photos of the art work is allow"
    photography makes one sees things from all angles.

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    great improvement over your earlier piece!
    agree with denniskee's comments too.
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