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Thread: Interested in doing a TFCD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toto38
    You very naughty hor??? You R not old ok??? Do more Pratical shooting and test the aperture from F1.4 to F45 than you will be better liao
    F45? Use pinhole camera can lah

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    Default Re: Interested in doing a TFCD

    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorMcLeod
    Hope you had a good break.
    The traceability you mentioned sounds like a good arrangement to me.
    Thanks, as in every case, whenever there's any holidays/weekend, my role will be the family taxi driver

    I do agreed with you that this is a better arrangement but, as I've mention before, not all will agreed. I just find this to be an easier arrangement and there is also more control of the shoot both for the model and myself.

    I get paid more shooting part time ...... damn, I should find more time to shoot part time

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