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Thread: Looking for Film Canister Containers

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    Default Looking for Film Canister Containers

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for people who still shoot film and have lots of those film canister containers which they are going to throw out anyway.

    I'm looking for those translucent white ones (not the black cappy ones) - ie the cap is internal and not external.

    I can come to your place to pick it up - so if you're near CLementi/West Coast or some western area, that will be best.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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    Default Re: Looking for Film Canister Containers

    yo dude, how many do you need ? I still shoot FILM for my wedding assignments

    Those translucent canisters would probably be the FUJI ones with 'internal' caps

    Let me try and find...time for some spring cleaing before CNY 2006

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    Default Re: Looking for Film Canister Containers

    me too. i just collected a small plastic bag worth of it... all leftovers from shooting those BnW....

    pm me also? or else i also throw...
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    Default Re: Looking for Film Canister Containers

    hmm I wonder if these can be used as diffusers for built-in flashes...


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