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Thread: max print size for 1944 by 2592

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    Default max print size for 1944 by 2592

    a photo taken at 1944 by 2592
    what's the biggest photo size it can be printed? in general assuming it's quite sharp and clear

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    Default Re: max print size for 1944 by 2592

    If you are printing at 300DPI (a good resolution), it should yield you a good 6R print size. If you are willing to sacrifice a little at settle for 200DPI, it should give you a good super 8R print.

    However, there will be some cropping as "1944 by 2592" does not fit into the 2 x 3 (or 3 x 2) ratio. You either have to do the cropping yourself (using one of those image editors) or leave it to the lab.


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