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Thread: Mabul sunrise

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    Default Mabul sunrise

    Would appreciate any comments on my first post on CS. Sunrise on a recent diving trip to Mabul Island, Sabah.

    Canon 350D
    Av mode
    Ap - f/22
    S - 1/15
    ISO 100

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    Were the horizontal bars at the top of the photo captured intentionally? Whether it was or not, it was a good inclusion. The bars follow the similar lines of the contrails in the sky and serves to 'put an end' the photograph due to how the image is seen from bottom (foreground interest) to top (background interest). It would also be an otherwise ordinary sunset shot without the bars.

    only fault i see is that the foreground (huts & sea) is not in focused, which does spoil the whole thing some.

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    Thanks for comments. Will focus on my focusing.

    The bars were not originally intentional but when i saw them in the onscreen picture, I spotted the parallel lines, so kept them in rather than crop out.

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    the cropping of the top bar seems to make the picture imbalance, would have preferred a little more sky above the top bar.


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