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Thread: Printing cropped digital prints

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    Do you usually make a pre determined dimension cropping size to make 6x4/12x10 prints? If so, how do you do that? I'm using Adobe Photoshop.

    What happens if the dimensions are not exact? ie slightly out of exact dimensions of 6x4/10x12. If not exact, do the labs automatically crop it to fit the size?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can use the crop tool and specify to crop it to 6x4 inch and 200dpi or whatever and the tool will automaticly contrain proportions for you. Most labs will either stratch to fit or crop out depending on the lab itself. Do note that there might be a bleed edge (areas near the border) of about 5% sometimes. This bleedenge is the area that might get cropped during the prinitng process. This has yet to affect my pictures so far though and usully only oocurs when its printed using normal inkjets..
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    Thank you. Got it.


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