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    Hi all,

    Well just for your info and hope you'll watch and vote too hehehe. Because our group's film is selttled to be broadcast tonight on arts central at 9pm. Our film title is "OBSCURA" should be the second one. Well anyway i'm not the director but the bestman (runner) also acted inside, have to warn you all first my acting is really lousy hehehe. So do watch and vote for us hehehe, thank you.

    Henry Wong

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    watching now.
    some nice short films, do watch it.

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    hmm.....after watching Project Pilot today, i would say the "SELAK KAIN: THE LAST KAMPONG" i've decided to go there soon to photograph the place, so who is with me? hahaha

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    are they showing all entires submitted? or only selected ones?


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