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Thread: Prosumer digital cameras and DSLR

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    Hi all,
    being an amateur camera user, if I would to upgrade my existing point-and-shoot camera, to prosumer or DSLR camera, what should i consider? Pro and Con of prosumer cameras and DSLR?

    Any good cameras to recommend?


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    Do you have any specific budget and needs? Because your answers will ultimately lead you to the camera of your choice!
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    A prosumer camera has a useful tilt and swivel LCD screen that allows you to compose your shots from unusual angles such overhead, around corners etc. Some prosumer cameras come with a long zoom lens range (12x optical) which saves you the bother of changing lenses to achieve the same reach. You don't have to worry about dust on your sensor with a prosumer camera (compared with all DSLR manufacturers bar Olympus). Prosumer cameras are usually smaller, lighter, more compact and cheaper than DSLRs. Images straight out of a prosumer camera generally look "better" than images straight out of a DSLR, in terms of colours and sharpness (some may say "over-sharpened").

    A DSLR, with the right degree of photographic technique and post-processing skill, will almost always produce better quality images in terms of resolution, sharpness, and noise/"graininess", especially when shooting at high ISO's, compared with a prosumer camera. You have the flexibility of changing lenses, from the fisheye lens all the way to the super-telephoto. A high-end DSLR will allow you to shoot in rapid succession. A DSLR is much more responsive than a prosumer camera, in terms of start-up time, shot-to-shot time, AF focusing speed etc. A DSLR makes you look more "professional". A DSLR usually has better battery life than a prosumer camera. A DSLR is what you really ought to get, because sooner or later you will lust for one.

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    - wide zoom range
    - built-in macro
    - no dust gets in
    - takes video
    - quiet operation
    - live preview LCD
    - stabiliser (some)
    - smaller/lighter
    - short focal lengths give immense depth-of-field

    - cannot change lens (can add converters)
    - more limited ISO, usually more noise
    - usually slower (startup, focus, shot-to-shot)
    - may not accept external flash


    - faster
    - mostly better ISOs and noise
    - optical TTL viewfinder
    - better flash options
    - wide range of lenses & accessories
    - good battery life
    - longer focal lengths more suitable for out-of-focus backgrounds

    - expensive & bulky system (lenses, flash etc.)
    - more bulky
    - mirror & shutter: sound & vibration

    Note: this is not comprehensive and certain cameras may be exceptions.


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