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Thread: Seagate 8GB CF card

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeSwitch
    The Seagate "8GB CF card" is a microdrive.
    If this is true, which I suspect it is, then it is not worth it. Micro drive is very fragile nad painfully slow. I've used the 4 GB one and that is enough to convince me to get rid of it.

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    By Kennichi Ishii
    Seagate Technology is offering 1-inch HDD "CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive" for digital camera, gaming consoles, and PDA in the US. We obtained the product and examined it. However, the drive is not available in Japan yet and its sales date is undecided.
    The "CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive" is a 1-inch HDD with 3,600-rpm and 2MB cache. Its line-up is two types with 4GB and 8GB and we obtained the 8GB model "ST68022CF." We tested the writing speed in a continuous shooting condition with Canon EOS 20D and used SISoftware's Sandra Lite 2005 SR3 for storage speed.
    The comparison using EOS 20D against Transcend's 45x Compact Flash card showed similar results. Sandra's writing speed test shows more than doubled delay, however, it is assumed that the product is customized for digital cameras.
    The reading speed was faster than 45x Compact Flash. Data read test of 237MB (94 files) using Explo rer resulted in 1 min 23 sec for 45x Compact Flash and in 58 sec for the product.
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