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    Unhappy Re:[app]3178

    OMG, I am receiving this spam tens of times each day lately, 31 for today up to now.
    I will have no sympathy on him if anybody crack his computer and delete all his files.


    Dear Homeowner,

    We have tried to contact you several times concerning your status on your refinance application. We have decided to pre-approve you for a loan pending a short 1-minute online application.

    Of course, there is absolutely no obligation and you are always free to decline the money if you so choose. Also, if we are unable to provide you with the absolute lowest interest rate (currently our rate sits at 3.675%) then we can refer you to one of several hundred other loan providers at no charge.

    Our intent is to make you happy with our service, and to provide you with the funds you need. It does not matter your financial or credit situation. Even unemployment or bankrupcy is no probem. We can help you get the lowest rate available on your refinance.

    Please just take 1 minute to fill out this simple questionaire and let us get you started:

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    Default Re: [app]3178

    Receiving "tens of times" a day, and you are still receiving it?? Hrm...

    No sympathy on you either.
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    Perhaps you can apply a spam filter if possible?

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    Default Re: [app]3178

    I hate SPAM


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