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Thread: what to see in chiang mai and chiang rai, Thaidland

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    Default what to see in chiang mai and chiang rai, Thaidland

    Anyone? Thanks!

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    Hi Tom I"ve a guidebook to whole of thailand, you want can lend you!

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    Default Re: what to see in chiang mai and chiang rai, Thaidland

    I thought you going hongkong?

    chiangmai is just another city but surrounded by mountains.
    and chiangrai is just another "city" too. I believe it gets more interesting if you drive out of cities

    in general, north thailand have got the
    - highest mountain in thailand,
    - largest cave in SEA
    - famous for misty mountains, valley, waterfalls, caves;
    - many colourful hilltribes
    - fastantic twisty roads & trails for biking & 4WD
    - opportunities to cross border to laos, burma
    - golden triangle & opium fields
    - elephant trekking
    - river rafting
    - hot pools
    - beautiful flowers when in season
    - many national parks got plenty of bird photography opportunities

    in short, for the more adventurous who don't mind taking risk & okay without the modern comforts (if not available)

    as for final verdict, you need to wait for me to come up after my trip And I won't be able to cover all the above.

    Originally posted by tomshen
    Anyone? Thanks!

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    hoppinghippo, thx for your kindness, I wanna know some personal opinion. Book I can borrow from library.

    zOOm: great info. My HK plan is cancelled. When will be your trip to Thailand? Wish u go back soon

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    Default what to see at chiang rai

    wat long kun at chiang rai.
    went there 4 days ago.
    how ever 10% uncomplete.
    pretty magnificent.
    drop by if you wish


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