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Thread: Trip to Taiwan

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    Default Trip to Taiwan

    HI all.... These are some pics taken when i visited Taiwan.. hope u guys can give me some review on how i can improve my shots... thx...


    Slacker at work.... Caught.


    Vain lady...


    Boats by the bay

    Comments plz...
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    Default Re: Trip to Taiwan

    First things first, sharpness is seriously lacking.

    Besides the 1st pic, the other pics dont really tell me much that it is in Taiwan. Check out some of the other pics in the travel subforum for ideas on composition and those in travel magazines.

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    I guess its because of my scanner... As these pics are taken using a SLR, therefore i have to scan it into my com.

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    agree with TMC. nothing that shows those pics were taken in taiwan. but anyway, a good try. keep up your effort.

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    If you really keen abt photography as your hobby.. invest some money on DSLR. Save your time & money on processing. Choose what you really feel like the most & develop. If budget tight, get 2nd hand. Alot of ppl throw out their existing DSLR due to Nikon D200.


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