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Thread: damnnn...sigh..brought 730 uz liao

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    Default damnnn...sigh..brought 730 uz liao

    was goign to buy G2...then GF change....see this see that...was eventually convinced by Steven ...i would say a very good guy from alan photo... to buy olympus 730uz...

    i keke act blur ask the price for 730uz...and he quoted my 800 without hacking me...this is not what the others would do....

    anyway...i find the camera navigating much harder than olympus C4000....there is not really a need for the FULL AUTO>..where basically you control nothing all all...

    The auto focus also super super slow...compared to c4000.

    Yes..i mentioned super super me on that. (in low light conditions)

    Zooming in at 10 x no tripod during bright day light was no problem...havnt experience CA yet...

    thats all for now....

    Up till now..the only good thing i find that stands out from the long focus and sound for movies...other than that...i would think that c4000 is a better buy.

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    in the end it dosen't even matter

    now macham down grade 4mp to 3.2mp but still 10x ZOOM woOoOo!

    tell mi more... i originally was also one of them to sell my 4000 for a 730... but in the end... don't bother... save money...

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    yeah man...C4000 is a good lens...

    C730...low light...super super super super super super SLOW

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    but still it has it's advantages... tell mi leh..

    the lense should be the same apertaure rite... maybe it's a little picky on the focus in low light....

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    Dun haiz lar.. buy liao then go enjoy! Post Post Post!
    Canon Lover :)

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    yah... don't haiz.... post post post buy buy buy! external flash! telelense! make it 19x with C-210

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    going to post a few photo soon

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    Thumbs down

    People do me the favor to write in plain english , because i have start to feel like an ALIEN ..
    Olympus C2100 X3 - E100RS - C220
    IS/L lenses ALL :-D

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    Originally posted by syncmaster
    People do me the favor to write in plain english , because i have start to feel like an ALIEN ..
    Dear Syncmaster, those words or terms that you do not understand came from various languages and dialects used in Singapore i.e. English, Bahasa Melayu (Malay), Chinese Mandarin, a dozen Chinese dialects and a few variants of the Indian language.

    In a multi-racial society like Singapore, it is not uncommon for a person to be able to speak several languages and dialects, sometimes switching from one to another in the same conversation!!!

    This may prove to be confusing for many foreigners.

    Anyway, folks in ClubSNAP, for the benefit of our foreign friends, please use proper English.

    Thank you.

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    I manage to try out my friend's C730UZ recently, newly bought. Take about 3 pics under Auto mode (the full auto mode really dun provide any control!) and notice that after I press the shutter, it took really sometime than my C2040Z to capture the shot.

    Office lighting was adequate too, though not tat bright.... After I read here, so-des-ne.........

    However u have to get used to the half shutter press, I misshot 2 pics cos of the soft button

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    Originally posted by syncmaster
    People do me the favor to write in plain english , because i have start to feel like an ALIEN ..
    A tad out of topic here.

    Try see under dictionary. You will find lots of local (Singapore) terms there.

    Hope you find it useful !!


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