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Thread: What Can One Do?

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    Default What Can One Do?

    What can one do...
    where can an amateur go to, possibly, exhibit one's photographs?

    i'm asking on behalf of a friend

    he's just got back to singapore
    real photography enthusiast
    wants to know what is there to do here in terms of photography..well...stuff..
    clubs, places where one can share, critiques, webbies, places to go, etc etc

    thanks thanks!!

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    There are many options you friend can take. If he want to spend some money to show off his work, he can rent a little hall/ gallery somewhere and either advertise in the Straits Times, or a cheaper way is print and distribute flyers to inform people of this exhibition.
    A cheaper, more practical way would be to go to cool cafes, pubs, privately-owned galleries and ask if they would like to work with your friend in exhibiting his works? You'd be surprised, if he's good, how many would be agreeable to showcase his works for free. Of course he also must assure these people that he will spread the news so these establishments would benefit from extra customers.

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    When it comes to exhibition halls and galleries, I'm just as clueless. But if your friend is also looking for places where he can casually display and share his works online, then places like these might be attractive:

    But as usual, when it comes to any online stuff, the amount of information and pictures already present is overwhelming, and it will take time for people to dig around before they find his work. But if he's really good, and strikes the right spot with many viewers, he'll become more than another stranger's nickname in time to come.


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