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Thread: Wacom Grapphire Tablet Series

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    hi guys, tomorrow i will be going down to Funan Centre to buy a new graphics tablet.
    Should i get the grapphire 3 or the grapphire 4?
    i heard that since the grapphire 4 is relatively new, the price difference between the two is quite a lot.
    is the difference in features between the 3 and 4 worth the difference in price?
    what are the major differences between the two? Can the tablet work with MAC?

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    all their graphire/intuos tablets are independent of operating platforms; they have USB connections which can be found in PCs and Macs.

    irrespective of graphire 3 or 4, they are both good. last check the older graphire 3 cost about $210+ at SLS. but prices could have gone up as the store had mentioned to me during my last visit.

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    the funan shop I frequent, prices still the same as last year...

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    hmmm graphire 3, the medium size one is only about 100+?
    LOL anyway graphire 4 has been upgrade slightly, headed towards the intuos direction. It's a big big difference between graphire 3 and graphire 4.

    it makes a big difference if you draw with graphire, do toning etc.. if just photoshop... no biggy.. just get a 3..

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    Wat do u mean by the big difference? Care to elaborate? The pressure sensitivity & resolution both the same right? How's it headed towards Intuos leh?

    Sorry for asking all these questions. I'm contemplating between a Graphire 3 or 4 and it's a difference of $50. And I'm quite broke now. Haha! Thanks!
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