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Thread: My First Montage - For Feedback Please

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    Default My First Montage - For Feedback Please

    Hi guys

    My first montage from a Thailand Mission Trip. Comments on the composition of the overall feel? I was trying to capture the gist of the whole trip:

    1. Kids in Rural Area
    2. Me and hubby
    3. Team effort

    All comments welcome!

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    Default Re: My First Montage - For Feedback Please

    Hi gothique,

    I think the 'gist' depends on what you want to show (priority).
    Myself, I like the looks of the kids on the top pictures.
    It gives a positive feeling to your mission trip.

    This picture featured you and your hubby.
    So if you are planning to have both of you as the main feature, I think the team effort should be resized bigger and placed nearer to both of you. So as to emphasize on you and your team going down to help the kids.

    Myself, I would place the kids in the centre with the team around the edges.
    A encompassing effect.

    Just my 2 cents


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