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    Would like to know what you guys think of this photo. I don't necessarily find it good but I find it interesting, because it's not something I would usually do. Serious critique very much appreciated.

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    I like the use of the bridge as a leading like to the subject but the cluttered bushes to the right are a bit distracting. Still its a good attempt with working with what you have.
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    I wish the bushes weren't there too, unfortunately the bushes hung over a ravine and I wasn't about to risk my life to prune them just for a shot. Ultimately I think sometimes getting the perfect candid shot boils down to a bit of luck as well. I reckon I should probably PS away that fluffy grass sticking over the wall too, but this is the original without serious adjustment.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    the light is bad - bright but not revealing. if only the luight can shine from right - then hide al the 'mess' on the right and just illuminate the man and his burden ... u may hv to change ur angle too perhaps

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    How will the light shining from the right hide the mess? Don't quite get you there. I don't get bright but not revealing too, care to expound on that? Changing angle is out of the question because 3 ft to either side of me is a 80ft drop, unless I can fly.
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    I understand about composition and such, but would not a much closer crop showing man, parts of bridge and mountains/hill in left background already support the title?

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    I intended to use the bridge as a lead-in to the subject. Personally, I feel that sometimes a close crop isn't always the best option. Appreciate your opinion though. Thanks
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