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Thread: Good backdrop material?

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    Default Good backdrop material?

    I've been wondering, for studio photography, ie portraits, etc. what would make a good backdrop material? Mahjong paper is a bit small for full-body shots, right? In addition, are there any reflective backdrops available, for example reflective black?

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    Default backdrop

    how much is yr budget? what type of shots, 1/2 body or full length?

    can give advice based on budget and requirement.

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    1/2 body shots. I have no idea what the price range is like.

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    Reflective backdrops are not commonly available. They would have very limited application, and suffer from the problem of reflecting the light source in them, and also causing flare as a result and affecting the final contrast of the image.

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    Default backdrop

    go to bras brasah, u can find some colour paper who width is about 1.5 m and length is dependant on u. For abt 2 m length, the average is abt $20 . 2m is long enough for 1/2 shot. If u want to be mobile, go to China town market. U can get cloth material. Velvet is good if u want a pure black background. Velvet absorb light, if u want reflective material look for some curtain material

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    Some ideas and prices:

    Studio backdrop paper ("the real thing") - 9 feet wide, comes in rolls - $95 at Ruby Photo, $85 each if you buy two rolls. You can use a bamboo pole and drill a couple of holes in your ceiling to mount ceiling hooks, like what I've done.

    Curtain material from Spotlight. About 1.5 metres wide, any length you want. can even ask them (or your longsuffering mother) to sew it together for you to make wider backdrops. They have some nice "painted background / stonewash" patterns available. Cost from $15 per metre upwards. Try to bring it home on the cardboard roll, which they will give to you for free, because if you fold it up to put into a plastic bag, you will have to iron out the creases later.

    Reflective plastic sheet backdrops can be had from those shops making awnings and tents in the industrial estate around St George's Road (off Lavender Road). About 2 metres wide, $7 per metre, VERY heavy. Same thing - ask them to give you an empty cardoard roll rather than fold it up. In any case you can use the cardboard roll to put up the backdrop by using a bamboo pole suspended from the ceiling.

    Use a white wall as a backdrop, and create your own background in photoshop using Render Clouds and Hue adjustment.


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