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    can anyone show me how to tie the tripod strap to the tripod? Mine is two latch one at each end (one wider). I tried to tie one (wider one) to tripod head and another to 1 leg but keep sliding. Tried to hook around 3 legs and did not help.
    any idea?
    bought from eastgear yesterday on a rush and did not ask.


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    do u have a picture to show the 2 ends?

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    you can refer to the eastgear link in Consumer forum below:


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    For the EastGear Neoprene Tripod Strap,the wider end is for the 3 legs, tie it to the 3 legs between top and second sections, so will not sliding away, and you suppose to sling your tripod head down. The picture shows using a DIY strap for my tripod, how you tie it, is about the same with the EastGear Neoprene Tripod Strap, hope this help.

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    Thanks for your help, Catchlight.
    Only 1 thing, my tripod leg is not latch kind. Look similar to your tripod number 3, to lock or release the leg, you just need to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. Not sure it can be secured fasten. Anyway, I will try it out tonight.


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