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Thread: AC outlet in your pocket

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    Default AC outlet in your pocket

    The Saber is good for 8 charges for DSLR batteries or 2 charges for your laptop.
    Cable tie it to your tripod for long days on AC without swapping camcorder batteries.
    Of course, it will also power any LED panels (under 90W) without expensive V mount batteries!
    Use with 120V bricks only.

    Cell type: Li-NMC
    Pack capacity: 86Wh
    Single cell equivalent: 24,000mAh (3.6V)
    Cycle life: ~800 cycles to 80% capacity (1C charge, 1C discharge; 30 degC)
    Management system: charging system with under/over-voltage secondary protection
    Charger: AC/DC power supply, 19V, 3.42A – 65W, 2.5mm plug, with short circuit protection

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    Default Re: AC outlet in your pocket

    whopping USD 299!
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