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Thread: Which camera good for taking selfie/wefie

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    Hello! I'm tired of always using my handphone to take pics on overseas hols. I still believe cameras take better pics. I have a DSLR but find it too cumbersome to lug it and a tripod around. I contemplating getting a compact camera that takes good selfie pics. Does anyone have any models and brands to recommend? I'm not good at photography at all. Ty!

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    Any camera with a flip up screen can take selfies, I would recommend the Casio ZR5000 for it's 'super-wide' lens to get more in the picture (at a cost of your hands looking longer than normal in selfies heh...), or compacts with a larger sensor for better low light performance eg Canon G7X series, Sony RX100 series.

    SITEX 2017 is happening this weekend at Expo so may be a good opportunity to head down to try hands on for the various models. If you don't mind the hassle can head down to the usual camera shops after to check out their prices which may be better than SITEX eg TK Foto, Cathay Photo, SLR Revolution, MS Color etc

    Happy shopping
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    Many people also selling G7X on Carousell


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