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Thread: Camera Fail 10mins before firework starts

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt7snap
    Its just tat amazing! read so much abt taking fireworks, waited impatiently for a mth for 31dec05 to arrive, bought a cable release and rehearse many times with it. Went to the Sheares Bridge 4 hours before midnight. was trying out a number of shots on what composition i want. 10Mins before midnight, the canon 350D(kit lens - 18-55m) just won't shoot.

    Totally unbelievable. No error messges ,focus on viewfinder was ok, upon pressing the shutter button,it does focus but won't shoot. Tried switching off for 2 mins (thinking batteries refresh will help, though battery still full), took out the lens and refix back, though my 1GB CF card's memory still has 90% to shoot (i erase all of them, didn't work, then reformat them), check all settings (Manual mode, Bulb,f11, ISO 100) ,anyway, any other setting oso won't shoot by then.

    The shutter juz didn't shoot when everything in the viewfinder looks normal (no err 99 or any other msg). Temperature was not cold to the extent camera can't work (halo, tis is Spore man,not Alaska man...)

    5mins towards before midnight, while trying to salvage the situation though lingering the thoughts of disbelief in my mind. ( was waiting for it, it failed 10mins before, whereas the hour before was allowing me to try n shoot any way i want it).

    At 2am on 1jan06, took out the camera again to examine what happen, brought up the camera, miracualously, it clicks. Bulb mode works, shutter works, everything works like nobody knows what had happened just 2 hours ago.

    I can live with adversity, but i want to learn from it and grow out of it. The camera didn't wok when i needed it to (well, i tot maybe i will bring to canon servicing for check up and explain to me why, so tat i know the problems and possibly can work towards avoiding it). But, the fact it failed at the crucial moment, and then started working normally again 2 hours later when show's over, AND I LEARN NOTHING OUT OF THIS ADVERSITY, sucks man!

    Anybody, any contributions, pls , u r welcome. It happen to me, can happen to you , or anybody.

    John L
    You camera is totally fine. Your camera settings were correct at manual mode but you forgot to set your lens to manual focal and infinty. Hence it will try to focus on a light source when the fireworks starts and since the light source isnt bright enough it will try to seek when u press the shutter. Look on the bright side there's another one coming up during CNY. Mistakes do happen.

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    Hmmm i agree with what most ppl say here that it is an A/MF problem. Can try to focus on MF next time. Hmmm what about trying the AF-L mode? would you guys think it will work?

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    thank you so much folks. i do not have a firm answer yet, but the answer most of you gave about AF playing me out shooting at darkness should be the answer. appreciate all the reply. cheers!

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    Default Re: Camera Fail 10mins before firework starts

    I donno about Canon, but did you need to set to remote shutter trigger prior to the shots? (I using remote, so I need to set.)

    Just relax more during the CNY shoot, then things will go smoothly!
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