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Thread: 1600 slide

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    some labs i went ... "huh? what push?"

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    heh maybe they look at you with strange eyes thinking you're some violent fella!

    anyway 35mm charges $3 per stop pushed too.

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    oh.. and one said "Huh? You mean your film spoil is it?"

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    heh maybe if you asked them to pull your film, they would.... right out of the cannister!

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    Originally posted by roti

    but dont they get more sales if they do it for free??.....they will earn more money then......
    Tell you what if you are willing to put your money where on what you think. You go start a shop doing processing and offer to push or pull for free and we will support you.

    Ok I should also say I doubt if what you say about Taiwan is true. Why the Taiwanese are dam on kind commercial - if can split dollar note into 3 they will do it .... Singaporean will still be wondering should they convert the dollar into coins.

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    Push or pull can for E6 can also be done at RGB. Cost if memory serves is 50% more irregardless of 1 or more stops... I think they can push 3 max and pull 1.

    Suggest people wanting to push slides should check with some bracketing. There is some evidence suggesting that 400 to 800 ie pushing one would lead to underexposure. Some compensation is needed. Try with 1/3 or 1/2 stop more exposure. Bracket to check what factor to use for your camera and way you are metering. No free lunches when pushing.

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