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Thread: distorted lines

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    Default distorted lines

    i realize many of my wide shots on 602 are heavily distorted even without wideangle lens..

    just test.. take a picture of a straight line from a high point, the line should be close to the top or bottom of the picture. the lines are extremely distorted. how to avoid this?

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    errr. u are not shooting straight

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    It's probably just the usual barrel distortion that tends to occur at the wide end of zoom lenses, though admittedly it does appear to be more pronounced than what one would usually expect.

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    The barrel distortion on the S602 is quite a lot (~1%). If you are bothered by it, you have to correct it in PS. Use either Panorama tools (freeware), just use use the spherise filter in PS (use a negative percentage for pincushioning).

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    thanks for the tip. Does film SLRs get barrel distortion also?


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