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Thread: A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

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    Default A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

    A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

    Life is fleeting, but photographs give us just enough slices of time, just so that our imagination fills in the story.

    A Photograph becomes important to its viewer only through its physical embodiment, the Print. A print will always be the most realistic representation of an image as it is the only medium that is truly tangible and actual.

    This will ultimately be the best way to judge your work as an image isn’t truly finished until it’s in printed form.

    The process itself of creating a print will help you grow as a photographer because it gives you a greater appreciation for the bigger picture.

    At the same time, the exercise of getting in close, fine-tuning and perfecting an image for print will show you a lot about your work that you may otherwise have missed if you were just putting together a quick online gallery or contact sheet.

    Canon PIXMA PRO printers, with an expanded colour gamut for improved saturation of colours and darker, deeper blacks, are designed to deliver professional quality photographic prints and achieve new levels of colour and skin tone reproduction.

    Challenge Yourself To Be A Better Photographer by Geoff Ang
    A self-taught lensman, his images show an acute style, evident throughhis sophisticated lighting techniques and advanced proficiency indigital imaging.

    Setup in 1998, GEOFFSTUDIO continues to be one of the most sought after inboth the local and international markets.

    Geoff will share his professional experience as one of the leading advertising and fashion photographer in the local and international arena.

    He will show the behind-the-scenes of the process of capturing his captivating shots and the challenges faced in staging his shoots, while managing the expectations of his clients and delivering the most awesome shots that he himself must be satisfied with first.

    Geoff Ang

    Mastering The Creative Workflow by James Tan
    As a professional photographer or aspiring professional, it’s important to consider offering printed products to your clients.

    Besides the nostalgia, the emotional and logical reasons for enjoying the printed image as described above, there are also many business benefits to being a full-service photographer

    Geoff Ang and James Tan will share with you their experience, Journey and workflow as a Professional Photographer and Master Printer on:

    • Increases your perceived value
    • Improve Customer experience
    • Additional income
    • Control the output quality and the finished product
    • Print to be a better Photographer

    James Tan

    Intermediate skill levels with Photoshop and Lightroom are required.

    Limited to 60 pax Per Class ONLY.
    Saturday, 28th October 2017 @ Canon Event Room, Fusionopolis

    Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

    Registration from: 9:30am

    * Meet at Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    1 Fusionopolis Place,#14-10 Galaxis (East Lobby)
    Singapore 138522

    Free admission. Due to limited space, registration is required.
    Your place is secured when the confirmed registration list is announced on Thursday 25th October evening by ClubSNAP.

    No prior knowledge of Canon PIXMA PRO printers is required but the choices will be discussed and demonstrated in some detail. If you already own a printer, you will be shown how to squeeze every last drop of quality out of it!

    * Registration is Open.

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    Default Re: A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

    Please unregister me, I am No.32 Chuasy in the list. Apologies but I have an urgent matter to attend to.
    Thanks a bunch.

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    Default Re: A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

    Registration is Open:

    Please click and Register at the below link.

    * Disclaimer: ClubSNAP reserve the rights to select from the registered list who will be coming for the The Digital Print Workflow.

    1. Barbilla
    2. gneskcoh
    3. Lookingeyes
    4. Jun Sin
    5. Bigben
    6. Shirly
    7. SporeanGranTurismo
    8. Composition
    9. Lionel Wijeweera
    10. long
    11. james wong
    12. Learntoshoot
    13. Bishop
    14. Sosharp
    15. ffloon
    16. Jamesxoxo
    17. Ivho
    18. Crucible
    19. seal0509
    20. bas216
    21. SilentResonance
    22. Snazzer
    23. stemetil77
    24. LimJin
    25. plok
    26. reuben88ng
    27. aidentan
    28. davinboo
    29. Shutterz
    30. gaz0307
    31. sookokchoong
    32. rlzlife
    33. desmondckw
    34. Auschek
    35. genetic123
    36. David Chia
    37. ricolet
    38. Turbosky
    39. tancg87
    40. PuahTC
    41. sofapotatoe
    42. ChoySanio
    43. Wailiyan
    44. happypig90
    45. Aesthir
    46. fpser
    48. Ramannkp
    49. Ferdaus
    50. Dressydayme
    51. raylan
    52. CkKok
    53. SNAPPER
    54. kurosama
    55. axejay
    56. lshao1111
    57. arravee
    58. Sen
    59. simpleishappy
    60. Fusionmist
    61. Shirley Ong
    62. Vincent
    63. starrysl
    64. Roques
    65. jethuang
    66. Lookingeyes
    67. Jit
    68. Cliff Wee
    69. Blaise
    70. Aush

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    Default Re: A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

    Hi, I have been looking forward to this for some time and appreciate being selected, but Im afraid Im now unable to make it as my wife has just given birth and needs my help for this period.

    Could we release my slot (no. 19) this time to someone else please?

    Many apologies and all the best for the session!
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