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    Hello, would anyone have info regarding bringing a drone such as a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro into China? What are the regulations, processes to get permits (if needed), etc.? Any info would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    As far as I know china doesn't have too much restrictions, if you are just flying for fun it should be ok. Just follow the same rules as you would in Singapore (not flying over crowds, train tracks, restricted airspace etc.).

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    Yeah I'm pretty sure it's fine to fly drones there - just the usual regulations apply around government buildings and so on.

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    I use a Mavic Pro. Firstly, it also depends on where you are planning to visit. I recently came back from Xinjiang Province and security there was a big issue. The higher the security issue, the more likely your drone would be confiscate. Secondly, I found out from the DJI Forum, that a permit was needed to fly in China. But the website is in Chinese and a China mobile number is needed for the application. Since I didn't have a China mobile number and don't read Chinese, I did not apply. And not to risk my drone getting confiscated I did not take it along. Hope this helps.

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    I am also looking into bringing one for an upcoming trip.

    Its seems that there's a new regulation to register the drone online and a domestic number is required. At the end, a QR code will be given and it should be affixed to the drone.
    Register at
    Online guide found

    Not sure how strict they are. Hope someone with experience can share too.(:


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