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Thread: Dual processor better for Photoshop work?

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    yup, like what people said so far, your comp requirements depends on your needs and if not sure of DIY systems, it is safer to get from a they give you next business day warranty...

    Quote Originally Posted by CYRN
    I only strongly recommend that you get a good spec'ed graphic card for 2D graphics with plenty of onboard RAM. You might like to try PCI-x cards in this case.
    one thing though...I think PCI-x is not the interface you are talking's PCI-e, or PCI Express...PCI-x is actually a server PCI interface...entirely different kettle of fish...

    but you might want to look for AMD systems though...cause they produce less heat, they actually use less power, saving money, and because electronics don't like heat, less heat output would also mean more reliable system...computing power-wise, Intel and AMD are competitive, per price level...

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    the nearest thing to Quad mac is a opteron 254 dual SMP. which is what i am using.

    AMD has proven to be faster than a mac and intel for me. and also in regards to photoshop. AMD is known to be faster than mac and intel for clock to clock. considering that AMD opteron nearly matches intel in terms of Ghz already proves AMD to be faster and intel.

    drives. SCSI would be ideal. get a dual channel U320 like 39320R which is what i am using also.

    maybe my system can be a model for you to follow.

    Opteron 254 x2. (2.8Ghz)
    tyan 2895 ( you can go dual cores x2. total 4 cores)
    4Gb ram (Max 16 Gb)
    6x 15k rpm 73 Gb harddisk
    SLI 6800 nvidia 256mb/512mb total
    2x24" dell

    with this confiuration, no mac will be on par. least to say intel.
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