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    Hello first post here at this forum would like some comments on the pic below
    I'm using a canon 350d with the kit lens and I noticed that when taking some of the pictures at night that there are quite noticable glares and lens flares. How can I prevent those? Some of them do add to the effect but is there a way to effectively control it?

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    Your link doesn't seem to work...

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    oh dear looks like the feedback will have to wait till i can find a host then lol

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    Try Photobucket (dot) com

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    Thanks Mezzotint! Turns out I already have an account there, registered long ago and forgot all about it.

    Does it work now??

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    still can't be seen??

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    can but not a very exciting pic leh ... why is this a presentable picture to you?

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    hmm still learning
    I like the way the colours came out, but wasn't too happy with how it looks a little blurred and hazy

    How can I correct this?


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