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    Hi all
    I would like to create shots that looks something like this.
    The grey background looks so evenly lit.

    However, in the studio, I can't seem to be able to get this even tone of grey throughout. Instead,
    I get a background with a gradient of grey.

    To get that even background,

    is photoshop required? (Cut and paste the image onto a pure grey background?)I need to a parabolic softbox?

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    Photoshop is one way... or you need 2 flashes for the background one on each side

    I don't do studio much so the studio / portrait masters here probably have better suggestions

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    Is your model close to the background? If you don't isolate, spillover light will affect the background. If you can keep the background 2m behind model it would help. As thoongeng mentioned, two balanced flashes at either side, or even a single head behind the model (depending on conditions)


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