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Thread: CP charge extra for NETs payment

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    Originally posted by Juvelyn


    it's the other way round

    My bro was served by a guy

    and I was served by a lady @ Peninsula -
    sigh ... maybe it's the whole "gals don't like other gals"

    maybe she didin't like the way u looked at the salesmen.

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    How about the tall tall guy.....?

    Hmmm I seldom go down CP to buy Films as well liaoz.

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    Default hi maddog

    maybe she didin't like the way u looked at the salesmen
    can't be, leh - there was no one else around except for her!

    hahaha. If there had been other people around, I would've gone to them instead of tahan-ing her attitude

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    Originally posted by jasonpgc
    CP always vary in their quotes, I ever bought 3 52mm UV filters on seperate occasions from CP. The SAME guy quote me $10, $8, $10. And for another case, the same shop at Penisular quote me $7 a roll Sensia, and $6.80 a roll the next day.

    If $1 saving really worth the trip down again, you always can drop by CP another day to see if their quote has changed.

    Oh yeah, they DON'T charge extra for nets.
    You missed the point, the problem isn't just with varying quotes. Most salespersons in CP and AP will honour their previous quotes or quotes from other salespersons. Even if its $50 different. Dishonest salespersons will tell you stories like the model you were quoted for is different etc. (think SLT) or show impatience (and we haven't even started bargaining yet).

    Saving $1 isn't worth a second trip. But if the salesperson is honest and not "ngiao", customers will be chin cai also. Pay $10 more than other shops also can.

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    Originally posted by Zoomer
    Can take a pic and post it here?
    Caption: Avoid this like the plague.
    Haha. no need picture, grumpy attitude is easily identified. Look out for someone who never smile, when you make her wait 2 seconds, she will fold her arms looking restless and impatient and ask "want or not?". Try bargaining, she will bring out the "company policy" or show you the "you wanna buy, buy, don't wanna buy you **** bye" look as if you are really bothering her.

    For the benefit of herself and all customers, better she improve her service attitude so no one can identify her from this thread

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    My fav photo gear store is CP so I've to speak up for them here. Hell, I go to them even when I know for sure their prices are higher than others

    The staff at CP are generally friendly and helpful. I've got to know a few of them personally over the years I've been patronising them.

    Like many stores, the prices quoted by CP staff has something like a 'built-in buffer'. If a customer is a regular, he gets more freebies/discount. Period. So I guess the staff who quoted your bro $1 less simply gave him a better discount, that's all.

    I usually get to pick up more freebies than most customers when I shop at CP. Plus I get to chat with my friends who work there, which are always very enjoyable. These make me go back time and again. And also prompt me to recommend my friends to shop there.

    Good customer service is always a huge drawing point.

    Ask me to shop at AP???? Over my dead body. Well, almost...

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