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    Hi all,

    was totally amazed to see such a forum filled w photographers here. I thk I will spend tonnes of time in this forum to read up more.

    Was given a Nikon FE since 16yr old n had been shooting since then but didnt really got gd pic. did some UW shots w Motormarine II since I took up diving, currently a diving instructor but still doesnt own any UW cam I hv 2x FE now, Nikon F60, seagull 120 format x3 n some other antique 120 format cameras. still wanting to learn more from all u guys out there. will post some pic for ur genuine advice...

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    Default Re: Still a newbie

    welcome to ClubSnap

    Hope to see your posts soon
    you might want to read the faqs first

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    Noted...... Thanks

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    Welcome to clubsnap, this is an addictive forum if you are interested to photography, I am a newbie also.
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