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    Dear All,

    Looking to get the Panasonic FX8. Best quote I have so far is for $510 at Alan Photo (Funan IT), which includes Camera, 512 SD card and case. Anyone know of a a place that will offer a better price?

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    Saw it at Expo Hall 5 Metro Sale.
    Small booth near the entrance selling FX8 at $499 with 256MB+512MB+case.

    Note: Sorry! Saleman quoted wrongly. Not $499. No wonder the price was low.
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    FX-8 with 512MB SD
    MS Color - S$487 w/o GST.

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    why FX8 when FX9 is out ??

    I just got FX9 from Japan, and using both Fuji S7000 and FX9 side by side..
    really impressed with this FX9..

    only diff bet FX8 and FX9 are..
    1) high resolution on LCD
    2) more scenic Mode
    3) higher MP
    4) Lower Battery life (FX8 is 300 shots, but FX9 is 270 shots), but in my 20days stay in Japan, I have only charge once. and seldom uses flash since the Image is very natural and non blur when I take without flash.
    500D, 18-55mm, 50mm f/1.8, SIGMA 18-200mm DC OS


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