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Thread: If Photography is a Sport....

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    Dun say liaoz, screwed.... I'm royally screwed man.

    Anyway, will be remoduling, but not 2 papers this time. Just 1, prolly the cognitive module alone. I dun wanna kill myself again like dis year.
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    Hee... nevermind... slow and steady lah.. take it easy yah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    How would u personally classify it as? A solitary sport (like jogging) or a social sport (like soccer)?

    I'd like to see it as a solitary sport since I feel dat I work best alone.
    I likening Photography to a game of golf and yes in a way it is a solitary game. You can be in a group of 4 in a golf game or a group of photographer shooting the same scene. You interpretate how you get your golf ball within the give stroke to the hole at the green just like you try to pcik the best angle, pose and other phtographic setting on your camer to capture the one shot that is better then the other shooters in the group.

    Again like golf, if you have a bad day at the office, argued with your wife or someone, did not sleep too try to play a good round of golf if you can.... No way can you have a good game. Same goes for photography, if your mind's eye is distracted, you might as well stay home and keep your cameras in the cabinet.

    And like golf, you do have to walk a few miles to go shooting about..there is no end of walking and sweating like a pig just to get around the 18 holes or fill your memory module with your shots. Your first hole in one is as memorable as that one picture you shot that keeps getting mentioned about year after year...even if you never shot anything as good as that shot or hole in one.

    And like golf equipment, your camera gears can reach for the sky too...making a big mess of your wallet.

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