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Thread: ntuc turkey order.

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    Ordered that many moons ago with my IRC friends, still remembered we arrived late at NTUC near 2359hrs, had to plead with the NTUC manager to let us have the turkey we ordered as they've closed the accounts already.

    Wonderful memories... pity we no longer go out nor meet each other already.

    Merry Christmas everybody

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    where is the turkey?

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    Turkey inside the box. Got 1 for my office xmas celebrations. Turkey was pre-cooked, but came frozen. The microwavable plastic box is where the "stuffing" is. Good thing we collected the turkey 1 hour ahead of our planned timing, had a hard time getting it hot using the microwave! Using "toast/grill" mode, it took us over 40 mins!

    The mushroom sauce is good tho'.


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